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From Lake Garda towards Storo (Giudicarie) you pass several villages and beautiful mountain lake, called Lake Ledro.

The pile-dwelling and the remains of a whole village from the bronze age which go back to almost 3700 years ago are one of the most important documents about the first inhabitants of our alpine valley.

Surronded by the green scenery of meadows and woods, the Ledro Valley is the best place for hiking, mountain bike itineraries and relaxing holidays. In the heart of the valley there is a small lovely holiday resort called Bezzecca.

During Garibaladi's campaign in 1866 the Ledro Valley happened to write a chapter of Italian hIstory. On 21st July Garibaldi succeeded in driving back the Austrians but a message by General La Marmora reached Garibaldi in Bezzecca ordering him to abandon Trentino. With the historical "Obbedisco" (I obey) by Garibaldi the valley returned under Austria until the end of World War 1. Bezzecca saw the trench warfarebetween the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian armies characterized by small assaults and conquests of pieces of soon abandoned land. An Ossuary on S. Stefano hill in Bezzecca remembers these events. The trenches for their importance have become part of the so-called "peacepath".

In a lane in the centre of Bezzecca you will find our Restaurant "Rustichel" that offers a choise of 150 risottti (rice-based dishes) and much more...

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